Saturday 18 October 2014

A 1988 tribute to LRB by Jerry Rao

On the 3rd of November 1988, two weeks after LRB's untimely death in the crash of Indian Airlines Flight 113, a short tribute appeared in the Economic Times. It was penned Jerry Rao, who was then the country head of Citibank's consumer banking business. Not long ago, Rao had brought in LRB as a consultant to Citibank India to help them strategize their entry into the credit card business. Rao is a terrific writer, and his piece hits the perfect note. In three short paragraphs and barely 300 words, he manages to capture the poignancy of the moment, give a call to arms to management professionals everywhere, and tell us something tangible and insightful about LRB and his approach. The piece is reproduced below 

Economic Times, November 3, 1988. 

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