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The Reconstructing LRB project is part-biography and part micro-history. It aims, on one hand, to reconstruct the life and contributions of it's subject: Labdhi Bhandari, or LRB, who was the STC Chair Professor of Marketing at the Indian Institute of Mangement, Ahmedabad and a widely respected management professional. On the other hand, it aims to provide a set of unique, micro-historical lenses into the world that LRB inhabited - post-independence India. For, LRB was one of midnight's children - born in 1948, months after India's freedom, who were co-opted into India's nation-building project. In this quest, we strive towards rich detail and historical accuracy, reconstructing the people, places and events that LRB intersected with. 

Please do leave your comments and feedback on the website in the comments section below, or get in touch with us through e-mail. If you knew or worked with LRB, or have a story to tell, please do get in touch. We would really like to hear from you. Every bit of information you can give us, would help us in our quest. 

The project is managed by Apoorva and Anupam Bhandari, LRB's sons. 
We can be contacted at editor@labdhibhandari.org

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Please leave us a comment. If you knew LRB and would like to share your memories, please get in touch with us - editor@labdhibhandari.org